Summary Policy Statements

The SOCO HSES Management System

SOCO have developed an internal web based Corporate Health, Safety, Environmental and Social (HSES) Management System (MS). 

A download of the HSES MS Framework Summary Document is available here. 

The HSES MS provides the framework for managing HSES issues within the business. It assures:

  • Clear assignment of responsibilities;
  • Sound risk management and decision making;
  • Efficient and cost effective planning and operations;
  • Compliance with legislation throughout all operations;
  • A systematic approach to managing HSES; and
  • Continuous improvement.

The HSES MS sets standards, and documents key requirements. It provides a management framework for achieving HSES goals in a systematic way, but also allows sufficient flexibility for the operating units to achieve this in a manner which best suits the business. The HSES MS is consistent with existing international models for the management of HSES (e.g. ISO14001, OHSAS 18001). The system is structured around a ‘Plan, Do, Assess and Review’ process, with a feedback loop to assure continual improvement in performance.

Policies: The system is driven by the HSES Policies and Framework which provide a platform for establishing performance goals, and documenting SOCO’s expectations and commitment to HSES performance. HSES roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Commitment to HSES is visibly demonstrated by management through internal and external communication networks. A set of principles guiding SOCO’s business conduct are established.

Plan: Planning during the budget process defines work activities and resource needs for the upcoming year. Personnel are selected that have the appropriate qualifications, experience and skills to meet their responsibilities. Competent contractors are selected and managed to undertake specialist tasks. Potential hazards and risks associated with planned activities are identified and appropriate control measures established and implemented. Management sets HSES objectives and targets at relevant levels of the organization to achieve the requirements of the HSES Policies.

Do: Project-specific standards are identified and survey/drilling programs designed to meet these. Significant changes made to the organization, programs and procedures are subject to a risk review as part of the change management process. Effective response plans to foreseeable emergencies are developed. Effective internal and external communications are encouraged and promoted within SOCO, including staff and contractors. External stakeholder communication and engagement programmes are implemented to encourage community involvement as appropriate.

Assess and Improve: Routine monitoring is undertaken to assess and improve performance. Procedures for reporting and investigating incidents and non-compliances are in place. Periodic audits are conducted to ensure management system functioning and continued suitability. Performance is reviewed periodically, and areas for improvement identified.


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