Our People

We are committed to operating safely and responsibly at all times. Positively impacting the wellbeing of our employees, our contractors and the local communities in which we operate is a priority. Our primary policies for promoting this standard are:

  • The SOCO Code
  • Health, Safety and Environment Policy
  • Social Responsibility Policy
  • Security Policy

We implement the SOCO HSES MS at each stage of the project. The procedures and guidelines support a planned approach for identifying, analysing and managing occupational risks and confirming that our personnel and our contractors have the appropriate competency. We generate the relevant documentation on a project basis from bridging documents with our contractors, to emergency response documents should an incident occur.

2017 outcomes

Safety will always be of the highest priority within the business. SOCO has remained focused on implementing our updated SOCO HSES MS and ensuring that SOCO is well positioned to implement international best practice operating standards in all of its operated ventures both within its existing projects and with consideration to its forward growth strategy.

Throughout 2017, the SOCO HSES MS was implemented in our day-today business even though SOCO has not conducted field activity on any of its operated projects. There were no reported breaches of the SOCO Code or any of the HSES policies. All scheduled HSE audits took place during the year. In 2017, SOCO achieved its targets of zero fatalities and zero LTIs across all its operations.

Our interests in the TGT and CNV Fields offshore Vietnam are operated by the Hoang Long and Hoan Vu Joint Operating Companies, respectively. We are delighted by HLHVJOC’s extremely high level of safe operations, with zero LTIs in almost 22.9 million man-hours worked since project inception (see Table C) representing six production years on TGT and nine production years on CNV. Repeated monitoring, along with a review and update of safety and compliance procedures during the year have contributed to the high standard. Continuing HSE training, drills, workshops and inspections are conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure that the zero target is maintained.


SOCO is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace, not only for field operations staff, but also for our office based staff or those frequently working out of their home country. We continue to monitor health and safety practices in the workplace and provide health programmes for our corporate employees, including emergency assistance for those working abroad.

In Vietnam, we conduct pre-employment heath check-ups for new staff as well as annual health check-ups for all staff. We continually monitor the quality of drinking water for our offices and offshore facilities. We also conduct annual working environmental surveys for our Ho Chi Minh City office, Vung Tau base and all offshore facilities. In Congo (Brazzaville), two health check-ups were also conducted for all staff.


SOCO supports equal opportunities in the workplace in accordance with the UK 2010 Equality Act. SOCO embraces diversity and promotes a workplace culture where each person is treated with fairness and respect. Appointments to the Company and internal promotions are made solely on the individual employee’s ability, skill, competence and potential. It is the Company’s policy not to discriminate on grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or age. This policy applies during the selection process and throughout the course of the individual’s employment. In addition, in line with the UK Disclosure and Transparency Rules, our Human Rights policy has been revised at the end of 2017 to explicitly demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

SOCO’s equal opportunities policy was applied throughout 2017. Table D shows the average number of corporate personnel by gender. The lean size of the corporate organisation facilitates daily direct interaction and multidisciplinary dialogue amongst personnel and Executive Directors. There were no reported incidents of discrimination in 2017 and no use was made of our internal grievance processes.


SOCO is aware of attempts to impersonate the company on social media. SOCO does not have a Facebook page.