Overall objective: To consult with and contribute into our host communities

Following from our Code, our Social Policy and our Human Rights Policy set our requirements for social responsibility, community engagement and human rights. In 2018, key issues in this area included: human rights; community investment; and local content.

Human rights

SOCO’s Human Rights Policy was adopted by the Board in September 2018, and a copy is available on the Company’s website at https://www.socointernational. com/hses-policies/. The Policy commits SOCO to conducting its business in accordance with the fundamental principles of human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and reflects the terms of both the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Together with our Security Policy, it sets out our commitments to align with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. We respect indigenous rights and cultures of the communities where we operate.

Our human rights due diligence includes processes to address, monitor and communicate actual or potential impacts. In 2018, we undertook a Human Rights Review and developed an Action Plan for future operations in Vietnam Blocks 125 & 126 to aid in identification, prevention, and mitigation of actual and potential impacts that could result from SOCO’s operations. The review acknowledged the provision of safe and healthy working facilities for all workers, the requirement to engage with stakeholders to understand any local concerns as well as security practices and to put in place any mitigation strategies. Community Feedback Mechanisms are required in all our projects. We take steps to ensure our agents, contractors and suppliers are aware of and comply with our policies and seek to use our influence with Joint Venture partners.

In accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act, SOCO reports annually on the steps it has taken to mitigate the risk of modern slavery occurring in any part of its business. SOCO’s Statement on Modern Slavery for 2019 is available on the Company’s website at https://www.

100% New suppliers screened in accordance with updated HSES requirements in 2018.

Community and social investment

We understand that our success is reliant upon building strong relationships and being welcomed as a responsible partner in our host communities. We invest in social projects for the long term benefit.

In 2018, our social investment in Vietnam was through the HLHVJOC Charitable Donation programme which we contribute into as set out in our licence terms.

Local content

We support local capacity building during the exploration or development phases of a project to ensure a positive imprint and legacy. All our licence agreements include a high degree of local content, which commits us to hire locally where possible and provide training to develop new skills. Our policy commits us to provide meaningful opportunities for technical co-operation, training and capacity building within any host country in which we operate.

Case Study - Education Support for Hearing Impaired Children

societies case study 1Founded and managed by the Hanoi Red Cross, the Hanoi Private School for hearing-impaired children provides education for 93 students with hearing impairments and autism from low income families in Hanoi. This builds on work supported in 2017 which provided upgrades to school infrastructure as well as teacher training and capacity building.

Case Study - Medical Clinic in Nghe An Province

societies case study 2In 2018 the HLHVJOC supported the construction of a medical clinic in Nghe An Province of Vietnam. Located in an impoverished part of the Thanh Chuong District, this clinic will improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The area is a mountainous part of the country relying mostly on agriculture and forestry with a large proportion of the population below national poverty and healthcare standards.
The HLHVJOC has invested $99,714 for the construction with staffing to be provided by local and national agencies. This builds on previous work and partnerships in Nghe An.



SOCO is aware of attempts to impersonate the company on social media. SOCO does not have a Facebook page.