Communities and Stakeholders

Our relationships with our business partners, host governments, local communities, contractors and our employees are highly valued.  Our success as an international business depends on building and maintaining the support of the local communities where we operate. We take a long-term approach to listening and responding to the needs of our stakeholders, and contributing to the development of communities through targeted investments.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our stakeholders include local communities where we operate; host governments and local authorities; our employees, contractors and business partners; and our shareholders and the investment community.

We have a formal process of stakeholder engagement in place in all the local communities where we operate. This helps us to better understand the needs of local people. Where we don’t directly control an operation, we work with our partners to ensure that communities in and around the region of our operations are engaged.

Our stakeholder engagement process includes a designated person responsible for local liaison; setting shared goals and objectives with relevant community representatives; and ensuring that we get feedback to review and improve our approach.


SOCO is aware of attempts to impersonate the company on social media. SOCO does not use Twitter or have a Facebook page.